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Who We Are

As the No.1 Feminine Wash in the country, pH Care understands women, giving you the right kind of care for the intimate area so you can be free of worries.

Our Promise

Unlike soap, pH Care has the right pH level of 5 making it gentle and safe for everyday use down there, and now comes with pH Care OdorProTech™ for daily odor protection.

About Our Products

pH Care offers a range of feminine wash and wipes variants to fit your daily needs:

  • Natural Protection for antibacterial care

  • Cooling Comfort for icy freshness

  • Delicate White for natural whitening

  • Floral Clean for moisturizing, fragrant care

Feminine washes are available in different sizes, including sachets,
and are also available as Feminine Wipes for instant, on-the-go freshness.

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pH Care

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